With the help of our pharmacy, maintaining your health is easier!

At The Prescription Shoppe, we pride ourselves in taking extra time with our patients when needed while also providing prompt and efficient service to cater to our customers’ busy schedules.

Dedication to optimal patient healthcare, ensuring that our customers lead quality lives is our vision.

Because we know that information is key to positive patient outcomes, we offer healthcare material that highlights a number of health conditions and the medications used to treat them. In addition, private consultation services are available to you by appointment. These in-depth consultations give our pharmacist the opportunity to develop patient-specific treatment options tailored to meet your individual needs.

We value your business, and we know how precious time can be. Because we realize that schedules, transportation or other personal issues arise that may prevent you from refilling and picking up your prescriptions, we offer convenient, local delivery and online refill requests at your disposal.

At our pharmacy in Williamsburg, Virginia, patient care is our specialty. Allow us to serve as your pharmacy provider and help you with all of your medication needs.

The Prescription Shoppe Mission Statement:

When you come to The Prescription Shoppe, you can expect to be treated like family; because you are. As our patient, you are our main concern and your overall health and wellness is our number one priority. We promise to provide customer service that is second to none and superior to all while making sure that your prescription needs are addressed quickly and efficiently. Here, patient care is our specialty!

sign on the outside of building

The Prescription Shoppe opened its doors on March 6th, 2019 and has been serving the community ever since. Henry, the owner and pharmacist in charge worked for major retail pharmacy companies for almost the first 10 years of his career before deciding to open his own pharmacy.

Although it has always been an aspiration to own his own pharmacy, bringing his vision to fruition took time, dedication, and plenty of hard work. Henry realized that he could provide more patient-centered care in his own establishment, versus being an employee for a larger corporation where he had very little say about how things were implemented.

His passion for his profession has led him to great heights in his career, but his greatest professional accomplishment by far has been opening The Prescription Shoppe. Along with his wife, Jade, their staff and team of friends and family that share the same vision, The Prescription Shoppe exhibits what patient care should look like.